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The French biotech company Meletios Therapeutics was created in April 2020 by a team of high level scientists and experienced biotech managers. The aim is to fulfill the urgent and large unmet medical need for antiviral molecules against current and emerging diseases.

One of our first drug candidate has confirmed its potential on in vitro and in vivo models by acting both on the virus SARS-CoV-2 and on infected cells. This molecule will now be developed and tested in order to fulfill the regulatory requirements and enter into clinical phase.

Several drug candidates from Meletios portfolio are currently being tested both in vitro and in vivo and will widen our range of antiviral molecules on different viruses. Some of these molecules have already been tested in clinic for other human pathologies, so they will have the two main advantages: a well-known safety profile and an accelerated development.

Meletios Therapeutics’ goal is to become a world leader in the fight against emerging viral infections by developing innovative broad-spectrum therapeutic solutions.


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As far back as we can remember, there has always been a real concern for human communities about epidemics, which have been incredibly devastating in the past. Today, even with scientific advances we are seeing a speeding up of the phenomenon. We are increasingly interconnected and we are pushing the boundaries of our environment further and further, yielding unknown viruses to come out into the open.

There is thus a real need to anticipate the emergence of new viruses that could lead to globalized epidemics such as COVID-19.


To tackle future emerging viruses, we need to implement everything possible to channel the epidemics. Vaccines and treatments are 2 complementary therapeutic strategies.

Vaccines are a key preventive tool but have the disadvantage of targeting a virus that needs to be already (well) known and is uncertain against possible variants. It can also take a long time to implement them.

An alternative is therefore needed for patients already ill to treat their symptoms and resolve the infection from the start of the epidemic. Depending on their mechanism of action, antiviral drugs can be effective against a wide range of viruses and are therefore an important hope for limiting the impact of pandemics.

A need for broad-spectrum antivirals to quickly save patientslives regardless of the viral strain causing the pandemic

We are facing an increasing number of pandemic situations

New viruses are to emerge with a lack of overlap between viruses



Vaccines are mostly efficient against one strain only

Implementation in the population takes long

Viral genome are small and evolve rapidly

It is sometimes impossible
to design a vaccine for a virus



The current antiviral armamentarium is not sufficient to face current and future epidemics

Broad spectrum antiviral could be used as soon as a viral pandemic is identified

Antivirals will be efficacious against a large panel of viruses


25 years of biotech & pharma experience, strategic and operational positions, Engineer graduated from Ecole Centrale.
MARC SALOMÉ Senior Scientist
Co-founder of Meletios, engineer from ETH Zürich and researcher, extensive experience with various pharma companies on microbial physiology, cholesterol metabolism, co-author of 7 patents.
Co-founder of Meletios, Pharmacist, PhD specialized in microbiology, former director of discovery biology at Stellate therapeutics.
ANNA ELGART Project Manager
Polytechnique & Mines ParisTech Engineer, experience with various healthcare players: hospitals, medical device, research laboratories.

Our Board

Rodolphe Besserve
Rodolphe Besserve
CEO of Eurekare, a biotech fund. Former Managing Director at Société Générale, where he built the Biotech/Medtech activity and conducted more than 50 deals. Chemist by training with a master in finance.
Alexandre Mouradian
Alexandre Mouradian
Chairman and Founder of Eurekare, a biotech fund. Chairman of the Spinoza Foundation, a charitable organization set up to promote a deeper understanding of the challenges which our global society faces. Graduated of the ESCP.
Gerard Le Fur
Gerard Le Fur
Former CEO of Sanofi-Aventis, and renown pharmacologist. Head of Sanofi’s Research and Development for several years. Member of the French Science Academy.
Catherine Martre
Catherine Martre
CEO of Meletios Therapeutics. Leading strategic positions in the pharma industry and commercial operation and market access in Advicenne, a French Biotech company. Engineer from Ecole Centrale.
Patrice Garnier
Patrice Garnier
President and co-founder of Meletios Therapeutics. Originator of 6 start-ups, Patrice is currently CEO of Omne Possibile, specialized in synthetic biology. PhD in quantum physics / nanotechonogy.


Antoine Danchin
Antoine Danchin
Mathematician and molecular biologist, Pr. Antoine Danchin is a pioneer in synthetic biology. He was the director of the Department Genomes and Genetics at the Institut Pasteur in Paris and is also a member of the French Sciences Academy.
Felix Rey
Felix Rey
Pr. Felix Rey is a physicist specialized in structural molecular virology. His research focus has included the 3D structures of viral polymerases and the study of viral envelope proteins. Felix is leading the Structural Virology Unit at Institut Pasteur and is a member of the French Sciences Academy.

meletios R&D STRATEGY

We have developed three complementary approaches to fight viruses. Meletios is working closely with recognized experts to steer us in each direction.

The first angle consists in developing a broad-spectrum antiviral drug by targeting host mechanisms which are hijacked by viruses. In vitro and in vivo proofs of concept were obtained with repositioned small molecules.

The second approach directly targets the virus’ proteins by inhibiting viral replication with an innovative pharmacophore and the possibility of large-scale production.

The third approach is a disruptive technology that involves parasitizing the viral machinery with defective genomes to prevent it from producing new infectious virions.



Internal Meletios Development
Repurposing of active molecules

– Small molecule
– Drug repurposition

Host function hijacked by viruses

– Broad spectrum antivirals
– In vitro & vivo proof of concept



European funding-collaboration with molecule design specialists


Inhibitors of viral replication

– Innovative pharmacophore
– Cost-effective production



Licensing of a technology from Pasteur Institute

Defective viral genomes

Parasite of viral machinery

Disruptive technology


Meletios Pipeline


Poste :

Dans le cadre de son développement Meletios recrute un(e) Responsable CMC / Galénique / Développement pharmaceutique

La mission est de prendre en charge le process de synthèse et l’approvisionnement en principe actif, ainsi que la formulation et la fabrication des produits du portefeuille, afin de permettre la réalisation des études précliniques et les premières phases cliniques des produits développés par la société dans les indications ciblées.

Missions :

Le travail se réalise au sein de la direction R&D

Coordination des activités CMC, du développement du process de synthèse chimique, de la galénique au scale-up industriel

  • Sécurisation de l’approvisionnement des principes actifs
  • Développement du process de synthèse du principe actif avec des partenaires
  • Etudes de Pre-formulation et formulation
  • Process development et scale up
  • Génération de lots pour les études de toxicité et GMP pour les études cliniques
  • Suivi de la production et de la validation des lots non GMP et GMP
  • Gestion de la logistique préclinique et clinique
  • Recherche et évaluation de sous-traitants,
  • Coordination de la sous-traitance intervenant dans le cadre du développement pharmaceutique, dans le respect des référentiels qualités et réglementaires, des délais et des coûts
  • Développement des méthodes de qualification et de validation
  • Conduite des activités réglementaires CMC liées aux dossiers réglementaires
  • Suivi/Rédaction des dossiers scientifiques, techniques et réglementaires (IMPD, eCTD, IND, NDA)

De formation supérieure scientifique (Master 2 Pharmacie Industrielle / formulation / procédés de production, Ingénieur chimiste, PharmD ou PhD) vous avez une bonne connaissance et pratique des processus de synthèse chimique et de formulation galénique au sein de l’industrie pharmaceutique. Vous justifiez d’une expérience de 5 ans minimum réussie en lien avec les missions attendues pour ce poste. Vous avez de solides connaissances en chimie et en galénique (propriété des principes actifs, propriétés des excipients, formes galéniques) et des procédés de fabrication associés.

Vous avez le goût du challenge et vous êtes motivé(e) pour intégrer une entreprise jeune et innovante. Vous êtes autonome, innovant, d’une grande force de proposition et attiré par le travail en équipe. Vous communiquez fluidement en anglais, à l’écrit comme à l’oral et  avez le sens des priorités et de l’organisation

CDI à pourvoir immédiatement. Paris

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